❝ you are the angel glow that lights a star / the dearest things i know are what you are / some day, my happy arms will hold you ❞


hey there c: if you are reading this it means i finally finished and showed you, whoooo! this little site is something i've been working on for a's all for you. i'm going to use this site to write you letters. actually there is already one for you to read :D you can find it by clicking the link to the left that says 'mail.' oh, and there are a few other goodies to be found here! i'll let you click around.

i know it's not much but i wanted to do something for you. something personal that i could give. you mean a lot to me and i always want to show you just how much i appreciate you. i love you a whole bunch, i hope you like it <3

from: sera

P.S. if you are on mobile, turn your phone to landscape mode. otherwise it looks weird >__<